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Following are some samples from the Feb 2004 North American Sprint CW and SSB contests  recorded at n8ea:

NA Sprint CW wave files: sprint1a.wavsprint13.wav , sprint2a.wav , sprint17.wav , sprint23.wav , sprint24.wav

NA Sprint SSB wave files: spph00.wav , spph01.wav , spph06.wav , spph03.wav , spph04a.wav , spph11.wav


Setup used for above recordings: FT1000MP, C3 at 25ft,  Beverages,  80m dipole at 15ft,, 2 el compact 40M Yagi at 40ft.  The recordings give some examples of  interesting operating and allow one to hear what the Yaesu radio sounds like.

73 joe n8ea

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Updated 16 june 2009