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My interests in amateur radio include: 160 meters,  radio contesting, QSL cards, North American Sprint Contest, homebrew equipment, test equipment,  sending and receiving CW (morse code), antennas, electronics, radio history.


Additional Current Interests and activities:

My Blog - anything; photography, books, movies, science, economics, Michigan, USAF, disc golf.

Collecting stamps, postcards

Photography, audio / video recordings, antique electronics, space related items, Playing Blitz Chess

Interesting items read: Feynman Lectures on Physics, The Tao of Physics - Gary Zukov, Sam Gunn - SF by Ben Bova,  "Miles - The Autobiography" - Of Miles Davis

Movies I liked: Forbidden Planet, Fellini's 8 1/2

I am a retired communications engineer. I am learning web programming and reviewing my knowledge of electronics by looking deeper into the physics. I used to do a lot of computer programming, graduated from Wayne State University with a BS in psychology and from Lawrence Technological University with a BSEE.


Michigan Stuff:

UFO over Port Huron, Michigan taken by female electrical engineer.



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