N8EA Amateur Radio Page

Ham Radio information:

ARRL - American 1 Radio Relay League

QSL and Reception Report Collection - cards from my collection

Mad River Radio Club - MRRC - radio contesting

Thumb Area Contesters - TAC - Michigan Contesting Club

          2006 FD pix of some members:  pictures from FD 2008:


NCCC  - Northern California Contest Club - Discussion of topics pertaining to the weekly NCCC Sprint, or NS, held each Thursday from 0230-0300Z

NCCC Archives

Kansas City DX Club

 Video made at Kansas City DX Club's CW pileup competition at Dayton, OH - 2008:  Morse Code 801 1/2 The Movie

North American Sprint -  CW and SSB recordings by n8ea

Contesting Online Home -  The Sport of Amateur Radio

CQ-Contest Archives - information about Radio Contesting

Topband Archives - information on 160 meters

3830 Archives   - contest scores

W8WA - Amateur Radio Station

K8LV  -  Amateur Radio Station

Old photos  - old ham photos

Mad River Radio Club Pictures  - Miscellaneous

Radio contesting pictures - Pictures from a 2002 DX contest at K8LX

2004 ARRL 160 Meter Contest, Beverage and BOG antennas

Hamgallery - QSL collecting



How to make a Vacuum Tube Socket Movie

k8az-k8mr 2006 Xmas party

Morse Code 801 1/2 The Movie


Historical Radio Recordings:

Radio Station KDKA Recording

Sputnik Recording


Radio History:

MARC - Michigan Antique Radio Club

AWA - Antique Wireless Association


73, N8EA

73 joe n8ea  n8ea@arrl.net, n8ea@prodigy.net


Updated: 11 Nov 2010